Time Travel on the Allagash

Sunday, Maine Observer, July 15, 2018

Exercises without a Theme


canoes on the river copy.jpg

I’ve recently seen some pic’s of myself in a canoe on a Maine river taken 50 years ago and some new ones taken last week. The canoe looks the the same. The river and forest look the same.  (O.K.,  I look a tad older).  Last week I jumped at the chance to go with Portland Parks and Rec’s Pete Gerard and Tom Gerard, both Maine Guides, and 8 other Portland folks to paddle on the Allagash Waterway.

I’m not making this up,  it was very much like time travel.  Time travel not just because of those pictures, or the campfires, but I also because I’ve just picked up a book written by Thoreau in 1847.  In it I’ve been delighted  to hear what he had to say about visiting Maine more than 150 years ago.   It’s true both he and I…

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