Strawberry Summer Moon

Strawberry Moon


Hear me unwearied child of Zeus

Say you’ll not be long aloof

Strawberry moon viewed in June

My turn to listen, to hear, to croon

The time is nigh the air is warm

We’ve hidden blankets in the barn

That all who spend a time or two

May hold hearts warm, build bridges new

To croon away now just past May

We link our hands while still we pray

For many needs with a nod of care

Who feel the loss of health once fair.

Bending to the wind and leaf of palm

We wish for miracles and breezes warm

Kisses sweet as summer maid

Straw just freshly and gently laid.

But dust makes for a sudden sneeze

And all long for fresh and gentle breeze

As quickly July jumps out of June

As quickly old friends become now gone

So oddly familiar, yet so forever known

We slide into a melting of sun and stars

Jumping from shadow to shadow

Loving from dawn to memory

November in a blink soon will call again

As if through in a warped refrain

A hint of silver peering through

A blast of wind gusting new

Leaves hang and twirl and tumble

Forest floors now wet with memories

Too many to count too few to stay

Long lurking shadows not frightened away

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