DSCN0201Change sides, change seasons, for a change, everything changes, change is good, but oh how I resist it.


The leaves could be this year’s but they are from years ago.  It is so easy to miss the fact that they change, overnight.  Last night I slept in the same bed, but on a different side than usual.  I fight it, but I know it makes me thrive.  One side might make me feel more protected, one side colder, but one side or another we need to keep noticing that things change.

In our country we are having an upheaval, and it is important to notice it.  We are changing from being furious with Donald Trump, to being furious with a majority of our Senators.  In fact, the Senator from Maine, Susan Collins will easily now inherit the wrath of many women.  She certainly has signalled being tone deaf to the change we are having in our history.

True too,  is the fact that change is sometimes subtle, and happens when we are not paying attention.  We are lucky in Maine in that we have stark reminders of change, while for years in the South the reminder found in seasons doesn’t happen. There, crisp fall is a switch from 98 degrees to 95 degrees.  The flip-flops last throughout the year.  In Maine we need to break out the down or fleece vests, and bring in the firewood.

It is impossible to not notice the change in the light, and to enjoy the sun when it stays as crisp, clear and crunchy as a freshly picked apple.  Events far and away don’t stand a chance of competing for the beauty a day in October brings.  It was said that Thoreau fell in love with a bush.  He said so.  I believe him, because I seem to be falling for leaves again, without intending the obvious pun .


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