Robins are back

Robin Time Again

The symphony is here warming up in the morning

Early arrivals came two weeks ago with the first “Robin Snow”

Now the whole flock, contagion, gang, flood, passel of them:  are here’

Almost here and gone, because yesterday, hundreds, and today

Back to the more like the home town team.   While the snow goes south

Two birds at a time now.  There’s always a skinny one  And that fat one

They do seem to hang out.  The pair of them.

I have it on several sources that geese mate for life.  How about Robins?

It is said they only mate for one breeding season.  

But it is also said that sometimes when they happen to be in the same vicinity

Then they are the same pair in a new summer.  Good for another mating season.

The skinny males arrive first, and the fatter females come a tad later

They stalk out their territory and then rather like a card game being dealt out

The spread out around the whole territory.

You want her, well stay here then because I can’t abide your feathers any more.

Travelled long enough with you.  Go down the street why don’t you?

Everyone notices the red, but have you seen those white petticoats?

Subtler, maybe, but great for making blue eggs. 

Then too,  you gotta just sit, and let the old man work.

I feel very proprietary about them.  Don’t want no cats hanging around.

Seems like there’s always been a robin nest near mine

My robins, my twigs and my strings.  The home team.  My symphony.

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