Remembering Paddy (my boy)

When did we go grey?

It’s so hard to say

 Years spill into blinks

But the mind sinks

How I wish for fresh wags

While life blithely drifts and drags

Lacking warmth of summer sun

Raking leaves or pure fun

No fall and all it’s winds

Of change or new found sins

All jumbled into bonfire

Conflated images as if to conspire

With memories so fleeting

Frozen feet and sometimes teasing

I reach for downward dog

No wish to make a slog

Through ideas that won’t allow

All the lost robins who follow

Flocking into tomorrow

I stay and spurn the thought

That all may be for naught.

Happy to recall that day brings day

Spaniel now gets no reprieve

Lab neither a call nor retrieve

Good boy, Paddy

Version 2

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