Face book loss

I lost a friend today

Maybe accurately around 500 are lost.  

 No not lost, just “out of pocket”

Or parked somewhere

On Shakespeare’s April birthday it feels exact

To hie some feelings forth

Best to not let them lie

When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions 

I’ve had visual reminders sent my way

Of friends from long ago and far

In this life holding our todays in new ways

Now all seem lost

Who knows what time will bring

When I’ll see Robert Frost’s field again

And see the headshots of many 

I can’t bear to let them go

In living color and new circumstances

As stand they who matter to me

If only they’d come or call

I could hold them easily without trying

But time and distance stay for none

Far long and long ago

Falling as if in a mirage

Or the sun’s shadow now hidden by rain

Maybe a godsend to remind of the present

Fires grow cold d without an adieu

Let photographs curl in cigar boxes

Only prod the glowing embers

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